With escalating health care costs on the rise, it has become unbearable for most consumers to afford health insurance.   Most families live on a budgeted income.   What happens when you get sick or injured?   How would you pay your health care bills?  How would you pay your child’s medical bills?


Nichols & Associates offers affordable Health care policies to suit both Individual and Business medical needs.  These plans include:  Low Cost Coverage, Predictable Insurance, Health Savings Accounts, & Medicare Plans.




How would your family handle your unexpected death?  How would they survive the  loss of income? How would they pay the mortgage, or save for college funds?


Nichols & Associates offers Life Insurance protecting the needs of you and your family in the event of an unexpected death.











If you, or a member of your household, became disabled or fell ill and were unable to work, how would you pay the mortgage? How would you pay your monthly bills,  pay for groceries, or save for retirement?


Nichols & Associates offers Disability Insurance to ensure a steady income during a time of need.











Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful smile, but were unable to afford it due to outrageous prices?  Dental Insurance offers low premiums and low cost deductibles to suit all incomes.


Nichols & Associates offers Dental Insurance policies to fit  all Individual, Family, or Business needs.













Nichols & Associates represents a variety of insurance carriers,
such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida,
and maintains a comprehensive knowledge base of the products.



Our staff is well versed in all customer service issues, from billing to claims adjudication, and are often called upon for assistance in these areas. As a result, we have developed long-standing and lasting relationships with our clients. Nichols and Associates is a Contracted General Agency for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. A Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.



Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Medicare Supplement Plans

\Health Saving Accounts

Supplemental Insurance

Dental Insurance



BCBS of Florida

Guardian Insurance

Metlife Insurance

Ohio National Insurance

United Concordia Dental





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